Who we are

Bolivian Handicraft is a private company that devotes herself to the commercialization of Bolivian handicrafts. We are provided with a team of professionals dedicated to offering the best services with the security required to make the relationship with our clients the best of the experiences. Our personnel works with technology of last generation to offer the serviceability and the comfort that they are needed and this way to turn us into the best Allied Forces at the time of requesting a service and/or Bolivian product. Our clients are our priority and we are ready to serve them.


To offer unforgettable experiences by means of our products and services compromised in announcing the mystique and magic of Bolivia. Pawned in that our cultural essence and folklore are a part of fond memories. Improving constantly our quality to overcome the expectations of our clients.


We see ourselves as a model company and leader in the commercial sector, expiring up to the most demanding desires of our clientele and demonstrating our commitment with the society and the environment.


· To announce the magic of Bolivia and its wealth both in flora and fauna and in experiences.
· To offer economic prices and high quality in the products that express the cultural existing diversity in the country.
· To form a relation of long term with our clients, in which they could have the best experiences in bouht products and in services.
· Generate a 360º work system, in which the interest groups with which the company works are satisfied and committed to it.


· Honesty and gratitude with all the groups of interest that work with the company.
· Respect for internal and external customers of the company, as well as the ecosystem
· Transparence in all the activities that are realized on behalf of the company.
· Solidarity with the persons who are a part of the company, as well as also with those who support the development of the activities of the company.
· Open and honest Communication.
· The workpeople of the company take care of his work, as well as also of the work of his partners.
· Integrity at all times, both inside and outside the company.